Woodwork Elements

Woodwork Elements

Since the ancient times, wood has already been a preferred building material because of its timeless beauty and durability. The Buddhist temple Lhasa Jokhang, Europe’s Betlehem House, and London’s oldest boardwalk are exquisite examples of wood’s timelessness and endurance.

Even in today’s concrete jungle, wood is still a sought-after building material. Contractors and home owners use wood in most construction projects because of its flexibility and durability. When strategically placed, woodworks can soften the effect of massive stonework, lend romance to a little corner, or harmonize with other structures in any landscape.

Designing and Installing Wood Elements in the Landscape

Woodwork Elements

We offer a wide variety of outstanding woodworking projects that will blend with your entire landscape.

These may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Pergolas. Pergolas do more than just beautify your Floridian home. These plant-surrounded structures can actually protect you from the Sunshine State’s summer heat or its occasional showers. Connect them with other structures and you get a tunnel-like entrance that may lead to a gazebo, a patio, or even a front door. We have hundreds of pergola designs to fit any home or budget. We can also customize one that will match your needs and desires.

  • Gazebos. A gazebo can accommodate more people in its shade. It’s the place where you can enjoy alfresco meals with your family and friends. We have all- post and no-wall gazebos where you can enjoy warm, sunny days. However, we can also build screened gazebos to keep those pesky bugs away, or walled ones where you can attach benches or your artworks.

  • Arbors. Arbors are independent wooden structures that support vines and other climbing plants. They also serve as entryways for specific garden areas. Our arbors are made from the highest quality of wood that can withstand the ravages of time and the elements.

  • Trellises. Trellises are decorated fences which can also support vines. Our trellis designs depend on the plants that you want to grow in it. Our wood is treated to resist moisture and insects.

  • Woodwork Elements Wooden Benches. Aside from providing a seating area, our wooden bench can be a pièce de résistance on its own, just like a signature furniture. It can be your personal haven, an effective garden tool which you can use to place your gardening equipment or a stepping stool as you pick your fruit trees.

  • Fences. Fences do more than just to safeguard your property and privacy. Wooden fences provide a classical and softer effect to your landscape. This particular woodworking project is built to withstand time and the elements.

  • Storage sheds. We build storage sheds for anything and everything you wish to keep. Now, you can be assured that your old toys, clothes, and other mementoes will have a safe place to stay.

  • Woodwork Elements Garden Bridges. No garden bridge is too small or too big for us. We build sturdy and beautiful garden bridges which can serve as focal points in your landscape.

Woodworks Created by Experienced Artisans

We at Border Creations, Inc., have proper woodworking tools and equipment which are used by our qualified and experienced artisans to create masterpieces. We only use properly treated hardwood and softwood, like cedar, mahogany, redwood, and Douglas fir just to name a few.

Our artisans have already completed numerous woodworking projects for our clients from Lutz, Tampa, Riverview, and other cities in Florida. Call us now so that we can start creating beautiful and
classic elements in your landscape.

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